Expo 2015 2015 Program

* Program subject to change
 Tuesday, November 3, 2015
10:00 AMPhillip Capital Presents: Trading Asia Symposium & Lunch (RSVP Required)
6:00 PMOpening Reception
 Wednesday, November 4, 2015
8:00 AMRegistration Opens
8:45 AMWelcoming Remarks
9:00 AMW9:00A CFTC Keynote Address
9:30 AMW9:30A Exchange Leaders: What's next for our industry?
10:00 AMExhibit Hall Opens
10:45 AMNetworking Break
11:15 AMW11:15A One-on-One Interview with Kay SwinburneW11:15B Treasury Markets: How are these markets changing? W11:15D FIA Law & Compliance presents Hot Regulatory Topics: I have to do WHAT?!
12:30 PMW12:30A Keynote Lunch
2:00 PMW2:00A Market Structure: How will changes in the clearing model impact customers and markets?W2:00B Oil Markets: Which way next?W2:00C Cyber Threats: How is the industry responding?W2:00D MiFID II: What do U.S. market participants need to know?
3:15 PMNetworking Break
3:45 PMW3:45A Collateral & Cash Management: Is cash still king?W3:45B Commodities: Will hedging survive?W3:45C Self-Trades: What are they and why do they happen?W3:45D Registration from a Global Perspective: Who and what doesn’t have to be registered?
4:00 PMTaste of Expo Exhibit Hall Reception
6:00 PMExhibit Hall Closes
6:00 PMCME Group Reception
 Thursday, November 5, 2015
8:00 AMRegistration Opens
9:00 AMT9:00A Washington Outlook: In an election year, will Washington policymakers play it safe or shake things up?T9:00B Liquidity Crisis: Why is liquidity so difficult to find?T9:00C Investing in Innovation: Is our industry ripe for disruptive technology?T9:00D InformationXchange: London Metal Exchange
10:00 AMExhibit Hall Opens
10:15 AMEuronext Networking Break
10:45 AMT10:45A The Future of Clearing: Are we there yet?T10:45B Equity Options: What impact are regulatory changes having on liquidity?T10:45C Machine Learning: Does it have applications for trading?T10:45D InformationXchange: Dalian Commodity Exchange
12:00 PMNetworking Lunch
1:00 PMT1:00A Opsapalooza: What is the operational agenda for 2016?T1:00B Equity Options Exchange Leaders: What are the threats and opportunities? T1:00C Blockchain Technology: What's the fuss?T1:00D Surveillance Workshop Part I Case Studies: Disruptive Trading--The Fundamental Elements
2:15 PMT2:15A Automated Trading: How can the industry mitigate the risks?T2:15B Equity Options: What innovative new products and technology are on the horizon?T2:15C Cloud Technology: Is everything moving to the cloud?T2:15D Surveillance Workshop Part II: Practical Tips/ Training the Traders
3:30 PMNetworking Break
4:00 PMT4:00A China: What has been the response to recent market events?T4:00B Execution: What is coming in the next generation of trading platforms?T4:00C Surveillance Systems: Can automated tracking systems help traders guard against disruptive behavior?T4:00D FIA Tech Brokerage Workshop
4:00 PMExhibit Hall Closes
5:15 PMBusiness Sessions Conclude
6:30 PMFIA Cares Great Chicago Steak Out Dinner Reception (Ticket Required)
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