Expo 2019 Exhibit Opportunities

FIA appreciates your interest in participating as an Exhibitor at the 35th Annual Futures & Options Expo. Please carefully review the Exhibitor Agreement below as well as the General Exhibitor Terms and Conditions. Compliance with all such provisions and terms is required and will help to ensure the success of event. Thank you for your cooperation.


1. Exhibit Space and Furnishings. FIA agrees to make available, to each Exhibiting Company the following:
A. One (1) complimentary full conference registration
B. Two (2) Trade Show Plus Passes
C. (200) Trade Show Only passes for your customers and prospects
D. Up to an additional (100) Trade Show Only passes for your booth personnel
E. A 10' x10' (or larger size as contracted) draped booth with 8' high back drape and 3' high side drape in show colors
F. A booth ID sign using the firm name
G. Existing hotel carpeting
H. A 50-word description of what will be happening at your booth during the show printed in the expo guide
I. Hot linked company name on the Expo 2019 website
J. A basic company listing in the online FIA Service Provider Directory
K. Recognition in thank you advertisement in MarketVoice

Exhibitors may contract separately for extra graphics, booth furnishings and additional services with the official services contractor. Each Exhibitor will receive a standard Exhibitor Services Manual (ESM), which should be carefully read. The ESM quotes prices for equipment and services, such as: a) tables, chairs and other furniture, b) carpeting, c) labor, d) drayage, e) telephones, f) computer rental, g) signs, h) cleaning and i) special electrical services. FIA assumes no responsibility for the availability of Internet access/telephone service for Exhibitors. Inquiries for high speed Internet access via a T1 line should be directed to the Venue. No discounts will be made for items/services not utilized. Raw space may be utilized in lieu of a shell scheme; however, it is Exhibitor's responsibility to be mindful of the outlined footprint and not extend past the Exhibitor's parameters in any way. Plans for utilizing raw space must be approved by FIA by the deadline listed in the ESM. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of exhibit space.

Although FIA makes it best effort to assign booth space based on exhibitors' preferences, booth assignments are subject to availability and venue constraints. FIA does not represent or warrant that booth assignment preferences can be met in all cases.

2. Registration & Badges. Each Exhibiting Company is entitled to receive:
a. One (1) complimentary full registration (this complimentary registration includes seminars, all networking events and food functions)
b. Two (2) Trade Show Plus Passes (these registrations include all networking events, access to the trade show floor and any event on the trade show floor)
c. (200) Trade Show Only passes for your customers and prospects (includes access to the trade show floor for two days)
d. Up to an additional (100) Trade Show Only passes for your booth personnel

All other personnel and/or delegates must register at the current registration rate, no other discounts apply. ALL persons must be registered for the event. Exhibitors and their personnel must WEAR A BADGE AT ALL TIMES WITHIN THE VENUE. This is to protect against unauthorized persons on the exhibit floor and within the Venue. Use of the badge by any other person poses serious security problems and will result in forfeiture of the badge by Exhibitor. Exhibitor agrees to ensure personnel WEAR BADGES in a manner that is CLEARLY VISIBLE.

1. Booth Floor Plan. All those exhibiting in 200 square feet, a 10x20 booth, or more are required to submit a booth floor plan, outlining requested placement of electrical & internet/telephone lines (as applicable), to Freeman Decorating and FIA for approval.
2. Booth Height. No booth shall exceed a back wall height of 8 feet and sidewalls of 3.5 feet without prior written permission from FIA.
3. Line of Sight. Standard In-Line Booths must not block the line of sight of neighboring booths. Exhibits must be kept inside their allotted space. All display fixtures over 4 feet in height (to include tv monitors, newsstands, counter tops with displays on top), that's placed within 10 lineal feet of an adjoining booth, must be confined to the back half of the booth (no closer than 5 feet to the aisle line).

1. Set-up. Installation of exhibits may begin the morning of Tuesday, October 29, 2019. Exhibitors needing extra time must alert Freeman Show Decorator and FIA no later than 3 weeks prior to the event. All exhibits must be completed by 8:00pm, Tuesday, October 29, 2019.
2. Teardown. Dismantling of displays may begin at, but not before, 4:00pm, Thursday, October 31, 2019. All Exhibitor materials must be packed and removed no later than 10:00pm on Thursday, October 31, 2019. Any Exhibitor material remaining at the Venue after 10:00pm on Thursday. October 31, 2019, will be disposed of without additional notice. These dates and times may be modified upon notice to Exhibitor. Exhibitor should reference the ESM before scheduling its shipment, travel and install and dismantling its exhibit.

Exhibitor understands that late set-up and early tear-down of exhibits damages FIA in ways that are inherently difficult to quantify (e.g., disruption of use and enjoyment of the exhibit hall, additional administrative expenses, public safety concerns, harm to FIA's brand and reputation) and therefore agrees to pay liquidated damages of $500 to FIA for each violation of these provisions.

Exhibitors should note that neither FIA nor the Venue will accept delivery of/or store shipments of displays and related material. Exhibitor should reference the ESM before scheduling their shipment. All international shipments should be sent early to allow for additional transit time. All customs declarations, bills of lading and pertinent documentation must be written in English. Exhibitors are responsible for clearing customs. FIA is not responsible for packages with incorrect shipping labels that do not make it to the correct area. All shipping/tracking information (quantity, courier name and tracking numbers) must be sent to FIA in advance to ensure FIA can locate the items onsite. Failure to forward this information or delivery with the specified times may result in the delay or forfeiture of your distribution.

Where FIA approval is required under these terms or the General Exhibitor Terms and Conditions, Exhibitor must seek approval from FIA sufficiently in advance of the event to allow FIA reasonable time to review and act on the approval request.

 I have read and agree to the Exhibitor Agreement set forth above.
 I have read and agree to the Exhibitor General Terms and Conditions.
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