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Sponsorship Opportunities

October 29-31, 2019 // Hilton Chicago // Chicago, Illinois

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Sponsorship Category

($25,000 & Up)
($15,000 - $24,999)
($10,000 - $14,999)
($4,500 - $9,999)
($4,499 or less)
Print Benefits
Profile in Expo Guide 200 words 100 words 100 words Logo Logo
Registration Benefits
Full Conference Registration 4 Passes 3 Passes 2 Passes 1 Pass  
Trade Show PLUS passes 10 Passes 5 Passes 3 Passes 2 passes  
Buy-Side Registration 5 Passes 4 Passes 3 Passes 2 passes  
Website Benefits
Top Billing        
Ad on Conference Web Page        
Logo on Conference Website
Profile in Mobile App        
Logo in Mobile App
Additional Benefits
Conference Tote Bag Insert      
* Sponsorship Recognition Program does not apply to Partners

Please choose your sponsorships below.


Member/Non-Member Pricing
Partner   (details) $8,000/$9,600**

Exclusive Sponsorships

Member/Non-Member Pricing
Sponsor a Keynote   (details) Contact for more details/
Keynote Lunch   (details) $45,000/$54,000
Recharge Areas (Exclusive)   (details) $30,000/$36,000
Recharge Areas (Session Rooms)   (details) $18,000/$21,600
Recharge Areas (Exhibit Halls)   (details) $15,000/$18,000
Professional Headshots   (details) $10,000/$12,000
Branded Bottled Water   (details)
Conference Lanyards   (details)
Expo Tote Bags (RTS)   (details)
Hotel Room Key Cards   (details)
Wi-Fi for Attendees   (details)

General Sponsorships

Member/Non-Member Pricing
Innovators Pavilion Sponsorship (Exclusive)   (details) $32,000/$38,400**
Innovators Pavilion Sponsorship (Co-Sponsored)   (details) $17,000/$20,400**
InformationXchange   (details) $10,500/$12,600**
Expo Learning Lab   (details) $7,500/$9,000
NEW! TechTalk   (details) $2,500/$3,000**
Conference Tote Bag Insert   (details) $2,750/$3,300**

Catering Sponsorships

Member/Non-Member Pricing
Refreshment Breaks   (details)
Expo Refreshment Breaks (Exclusive)
Wednesday Refreshment Breaks (Exclusive)   (details)
Thursday Refreshment Breaks (Exclusive)   (details)
Single Refreshment Break   (details)
Refreshment Break Upgrade   (details) Price is based on upgrade
Networking Lunch in the Exhibit Hall   (details)
Exclusive Networking Lunch Sponsor
Networking Lunch Sponsorship: Silver Hall
Networking Lunch Sponsorship: Blue Hall
Networking Lunch Sponsorship: Green Hall
Hotel Lobby Coffee Sponsorship   (details) $10,000/$12,000
FIA Expo Opening Reception (RTS)

Media Sponsorships

Member/Non-Member Pricing
Expo Daily Email Advertisement (Exclusive)   (details) $7,500/$9,000
Expo Livestream   (details) $7,500/$9,000
Quarter Page Ad in the Expo Guide   (details) $3,000/$3,600**
Expo Mobile App   (details)


Member/Non-Member Pricing
8th Street Registration Desk Kick Plates   (details)
Exclusive Kick Plate Sponsorship   (details)
South Side Kick Plates
North Side Kick Plates
ON HOLD: Full Column Wrap at 8th Street Registration   (details) @ $5,000/$6,000**
Half Column Wrap at 8th Street Registration   (details) $3,000/$3,600**
Digital Signage in 8th Street Registration Area   (details) @ $2,500/$3,000**
Exhibit Hall Column Wraps   (details) @ $3,250/$3,900**
Continental Foyer Signage   (details) $3,500/$4,200
Custom Cling in Lower Level Registration   (details) $3,000/$3,600
Stairway Wall Signage to Lower Level Reg   (details) $3,000/$3,600
Expo Elevator Door Signage   (details) @ $725/$870**
Escalator Signage (RTS)

Press Sponsorships

Member/Non-Member Pricing
Expo Newsstand   (details) $2,000/$2,400**
In the Press Room   (details)
Exclusive Press Room Sponsorship   (details)
Wednesday in the Press Room
Thursday in the Press Room

Access Fees & Meeting Space

Member/Non-Member Pricing
Affiliate Access Charge   (details)
Access Fee for Events up to 50 people   (details)
Access Fee for Events up to 100 people   (details)
Access Fee for Events over 100 people   (details)
Right to Sponsor Fee   (details) @ $2,500/$3,000**
Attendee Meeting Center Sponsor   (details) $7,500/$9,000
Attendee Meeting Center Space   (details) @ $1,600/$1,920**

FIA Member Pricing

As an FIA Member, you are eligible for the member rate for your selected sponsorship. If you are an FIA Member, select your sponsorship and then select your firm from the list below. Click Select and Continue.

Leave blank if your firm is not an FIA member

If you are NOT an FIA Member, select your sponsorship and click Select and Continue.

* RTS = Right to Sponsor. Sponsor pays a fee and is responsible for all logistical, food, beverage and audio-visual
costs associated with the event.
** Multiple sponsors are allowed.

For more information or to discuss these opportunities contact:
Toni Vitale Chan | Vice President, Business Development | T: +1.312.636.2919 | E: