Expo 2017 Program

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 11:15 AM

Meet the Innovators

Continental C

Five fintech startups will present their products to a panel of judges and compete to win an award from FIA. The five startups will be selected from the FIA Innovators Pavilion, a special part of FIA Expo dedicated to showcasing new technology. Each firm will have just five minutes to describe the main features of their products and explain their relevance to the derivatives markets, and then answer questions from our panel of expert judges.


Matt Haraburda, President, XR Trading


Catherine Clay, Global Head of Information Solutions, Chicago Board Options Exchange
Rob Creamer, President & Chief Executive Officer, Geneva Trading, and Chairman, FIA Principal Traders Group
Jan Bart de Boer, Chief Commercial Officer, ABN AMRO Clearing
Jared Delaney-Smith, Vice President, NEXT Investors
Gary Offner, Head, Nasdaq Ventures
Scott Rose, Co-Chair, Business and Finance Committee, Hyde Park Angels


Paul Kanitra, Founder & President, Peak Soil Indexes
David Potere, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, TellusLabs
James Shinn, Chief Executive Officer, Predata
Asaf Somekh, Chief Executive Officer, iguazio
Steve Toland, Founder, TransFICC