2018 Program

Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 1:45 PM

Interest Rate Benchmarks: What will changes mean for derivatives users?

Ritz-Carlton Ballroom 3-6

With new interest rate benchmarks emerging in response to calls from global regulators to identify alternatives to the long-standing Libor rate, this panel will consider the impact of these changes on existing products and the creation of new contracts based on new rates. The panel will review timelines and the impact on exchanges, clearinghouses and users.


Randy Snook, Executive Vice President, SIFMA


Bill DeLeon, Managing Director, Global Head of Portfolio Risk, PIMCO
Agha Mirza, Managing Director, Global Head of Interest Rate Products, CME Group
Subadra Rajappa, Head of US Rates Strategy, Societe Generale
Sachiyo Sakemi, Managing Director, Blackrock
Sayee Srinivasan, Senior Economic Advisor, Commodity Futures Trading Commission